Revox A77 SLS (2 track, 3 3⁄4 /7 1⁄2 ips):
The well known reliability of the Revox A77 is a result of a professional design concept, a concept which successfully combines the advantages of a solidly built tape transport mechanism with those of an advanced electronic circuit design.

A 3 motor transport mechanism with electronically regulated capstan motor and solenoid operated servo brakes possesses few parts which are subject to mechanical wear.

The use of a die-cast motor chassis and head support ensures that a high degree of mechanical precision and long term stability are maintained, even under excessively heavy use.

The mechanical and electrical properties thus complement each other in a most successful way.
Models include the A77 professional, A77 SLS (super low speed) for up to 12 hours of recording, and the A77 Autostart (Vox) for security applications.