by desejner

 by desejner
Exhibited @ Thorkilds, Aarhus

by desejner
Exhibited @ Street Coffee Brammersgade, Aarhus

PEACE OF WOOD by desejner
Andreas Papadakis har anmeldt by desejner5 stjerner
Den lækreste pladespiller jeg nogensinde har haft.
Design og meget stabilt hardware. Jeg er kæmpefan og stolt af at være ejer af en original “by desejner”.

OLD WOOD by desejner
Exhibited @ Street Coffee Vestergade, Aarhus
Plinten er købt hos Baejkon Bastardo, Århus.

BORD by desejner

by desejner

by desejner
Owner: Helge Hohlmann Bennetzen

TRÆ by desejner

JYDEN tube riaa by desejner
Exhibited @ Street Coffee Vestergade, Aarhus


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